Congreso de Mujeres


Encuentros are region-wide gatherings of organizations and leaders that work with the Latino community in Western North Carolina.

These gathering provide opportunities to learn together and share information. Through Encuentros, COLA aims to strengthen Latino-led organizations across Western North Carolina so that organizations can better address their own communities’ basic needs. COLA helps these organizations work collectively to shape decision-making and policy-formation at regional and state levels.

In the past, Encuentro participants have received information on immigration policies, learned about collective advocacy, and created strategies to promote compliance of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act. Encuentros also offer tools to improve organizational internal capacity such as fundraising and leadership development.

Visit our Calendar for upcoming Encuentros.

Immigrant Realities in Western North Carolina

This course is designed for individuals and organizations that:

  • Want to improve services and collaborations with Latinos.
  • Want to know more about Latino immigrants, especially in Western North Carolina.
  • Want to involve other cultures in community activities and events.
  • Want to earn Continuing Education Credits (CEUs).

General Conent Outline

U.S. History of Immigration

Exploring our country’s and our personal immigrant past.

The Immigration Process

Looking at the complexities of immigration laws and why and how people immigrate to the United States.

Stories from our WNC Communities

Stories of immigrant community members who call Western North Carolina home. Reflection on the contributions and challenges that immigrants and the larger community face.

What can we do?

Reviewing strategies that we can use to welcome, effectively engage, and improve services with Latinos in Western North Carolina and our communities.

* We tailor the presentation to the specific needs and interests of your group!

The Immigrant Realities Curriculum is a collaborative effort of the Center for Participatory Change and Coalición de Organizaciones Latino-Americanas (COLA). Contact COLA for fees and scheduling.

Immigrant Rights Workshops

COLA offers Immigrant Rights Workshops throughout the region. These workshops primarily focus on educating immigrants about their rights in regards to arrests and detention. These workshops develop leadership, empower people, improve self-esteem and help with misinformation and fear — key factors affecting Latino immigrants living in Western North Carolina.

Please contact COLA if you would like to host an Immigrant Rights workshop in your community.

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